Internship Program


The Caserta & Spiriti Internship provides a ―real world– mentoring and training environment
similar to what a student might find in either a mock business, legal, marketing, or public
relations course.

The firm takes its mentoring position very seriously; therefore, the Caserta & Spiriti Internship is always for the benefit of the intern. Under the close supervision of an Attorney, Marketing or Public Relations Specialist, or a Team Leader, the intern is able to monitor:

A ―Real World Business, Legal, And Marketing Environment.

Although this “real world” mentoring and training environment may slightly slow down operations, the benefit to the intern is quintessential!

Pursuant to the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division, the intern is not entitled to wages for the time spent in the internship.

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We provide a relaxed and fun learning environment so students can learn various new skills and enhance their current skills. We start from the basics and progressively give students more opportunities in areas they have an affinity for and enjoy.

We also give students a well-rounded internship focusing on the use of skills they have developed in college. Unlike the normal administrative staff, attorneys, and business professional, Interns participating in the program job are constantly shadowed by staff, that allow an intern to learn certain skills, under the close and constant supervision.

Prospective projects that Caserta & Spiriti Internship will have the opportunity to monitor and analyze:

(a) Business matters involving representing the interests of Homeowners in connection with the Obama Making Home Affordable Plan.

(b)  Business matters involving representing the interests of vulnerable immigrants, primarily those fleeing
persecution, those with complex legal cases and disabilities or families at risk of separation.

(c)  Meetings in connection with representing the interests of government relations clients.

(d)  Business, marketing, and legal matters involving Pledge Based Crowd Funding.

The Caserta & Spiriti Internship Program is designed to give applicable legal, business, and marketing experience to students by exposing them to various stages of project development.


Previous successful intern projects have included:

1. Gold Ribbon Valley – Intern Participation in the marketing, promotion, and corporate infrastructure of a bison/natural beef distributor. Currently the product is sold online via Tony Little on Home Shopping Network (Body by Bison).

2. Florida Frenzy – Intern Participation in the marketing, promotion, and corporate infrastructure of a National Indoor Football Team. Games were played at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood.

3. Fight Management Group – Intern Participation included the marketing, promotion and management of various Mixed Martial Arts Fighters, as well as inclusion in the future legislation for Amateur Mixed Martial Arts in the State of Florida.

4. S&C Business Consultants, LLC – Intern participation included marketing and promotion of various pledge based crowd funding projects.

Internship Coordinators

Lissette Garcia

Lissette Garcia is from Miami, Florida and is a graduate of Florida International University. As Senior Legal Assistant, Lissette oversees Client Relations for the firm. In addition, she also oversees our Internship Program.

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Ebenezer “Ebby” Olea

Ebby Olea is from the Dominican Republic and is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University. Formerly the firm’s Senior Legal Assistant, Ebby now works remotely, for the firm.

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Caserta & Spiriti is proud to offer an internship program for college students in South Florida. We seek talented and hardworking students that are eager to work with our team on real cases and gain experience to last a lifetime, and jump start their critical thinking skills.

Students will gain skills in communication, customer service, organization, team-work, and problem solving. Interns will work side by side with attorneys on real estate law, litigation, personal injury, probate, foreclosure defense and government relations.

The Caserta & Spiriti Internship Program is offered on a semester/trimester basis (depending upon the College or University) and can range anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the student’s academic and or personal requirements.

The internship program may be used as college credit or just for personal experience.  Please note there is no G.P.A. requirement and students from all majors are welcome to apply.

Students can apply to the Caserta & Spiriti Internship Program by sending their resume to or by contacting their Career Counselor at their University.

Our firm, through our Internship Department, is proud to have interns participate in our program from the following Florida Colleges and Universities:


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