Real Estate Law: Title Insurance


Throughout Florida, Caserta & Spiriti assists both residential and commercial real estate buyers and sellers with title insurance needs. With strategic professional relationships with Title Companies and Title Attorneys, our firm can assist you in finding the right title insurance piece to fit your real estate puzzle.

Real estate purchases are highly significant transactions for anyone. Title insurance allows purchasers to be assured that they have bought what they thought they paid for and provides protection from the risk of undiscovered interests in the property. Our firm will oversee the Title Company or Title Attorney’s title searches to confirm whether liens have been filed against a property or if there are other unacceptable encumbrances to ensure that a property sale is being done on the basis of marketable, clean title.

Not only are we adept at guiding real estate buyers and sellers through the process of analyzing title insurance commitments and the issues they raise.

The process of selection of your title insurance company will depend to some extent on the county where you are located. In some Florida counties, the buyer chooses the title insurance company; in others, the seller chooses.

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