Elder Law: Plan for your future today!

Caserta and Spiriti helps its clients obtain a working understanding of the many ways for elderly people in Florida to pay for long-term medical care . The area that most involves a high level of legal involvement for Floridians is Florida Medicaid planning because it is “need based” and has “spend down requirements”.   Currently, we apply basic strategies in order to preserve as much of your estate as possible while finding a way to get the long-term medical costs covered.

Using an annuity to fund a personal service contract, which is a common strategy in Florida,  may allow you to avoid giving a lump sum of cash assets to their caregiver, which would otherwise cause excessive income taxes as well as loss of control over the funds.  With an annuity, the caregiver receives a steady stream of income over the course of the contract.

Ask our attorneys about how to be smart and prepare for your family’s future.

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